Veco (Zurich) AG - Annual Vernissage - Sara Mina

“On the 4th October 2012 Veco (Zurich) AG invited business partners and friends to the annual “Vernissage” that normally occurs beginning of autumn in Veco’s premises. This year’s artist is Mrs Sara Mina, born in Giubiasco, Canton Ticino in 1976. Art has always been a part of Sara’s life, as her father is an artist and she grew up watching him painting. Sara’s inspiration starts by walking around in cities, mainly Zurich, where certain daily scenes capture her attention. What Sara trays to express through her art is the everyday moment of life.

“Capturing the essential banality that no one notices anymore. I remove the details where in a world of excesses no one notices them anymore and add color to highlight our need to think about life.”

Sara Mina