Commercial assistance


    • Organization of logistics from the place of production to the end user customer. Working with punctuality and precision, Veco’s specialists are in constant contact with first-rate forwarding agents/transport contractors operating in the world’s major ports/airports.
    • Provision of space at ports/airports for storage of goods.
    • Transport insurance through international insurance brokers.

Letters of credit or banking guarantees

    • Preparation of the relevant texts based on the contract terms and conditions.
    • With Veco’s experience of many years acquired in the field of international trade and our constant presence in the major trading/financial centers, Veco has negotiated all of the main types of letters of credit, moreover, Veco has the ability to obtain confirmation from the most important banks.

Credit insurance

    • Insurance of sales through a first-rate insurance company.
    • Credit limit granted by banks against assignment of the insurance policy.