Asset Management

Veco offers an independent asset management service with a “boutique” philosophy, traditional in its choice of products and analysis procedures, but innovative in terms of investment philosophy and portfolio composition.

Veco’s team of professionals has many years of experience in investment portfolio management and pursue a philosophy of independence and discretion. This enables Veco to guarantee impartiality, together with extremely flexible policies (investment products, choice of the custodian bank and jurisdiction).

Veco is able to meet all of our clients’ needs in terms of capital and risk management, asset protection, tax optimization together with adopting a personalized approach to offer bespoke solutions.
Alongside traditional investments, we make extensive and rational use of the most innovative investment instruments and asset classes, such as emerging markets, raw materials and non-directional or absolute return products.
Even when selecting less traditional products, we always consider aspects such as: liquidity of underlying assets, risk management, product transparency.
The classification and control of risk factors lie at the heart of portfolio construction. Instruments and asset classes are never considered alone, but always in relation to each other and according to the client’s desired risk profile.
We offer a wide range of personalized services and portfolios, tailoring Veco’s management solutions to all levels of client knowledge and involvement.